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Written by Denise Long   
Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Having an Older Pet - Tales of Miata Kitty 3

Miata Kitty was 19 years old. And tonight was the last night of her life.

While I can still see her moving around out of the corner of my eye, that is only an illusion. I’m forced to find the source of sounds that I would normally attribute to her. And her Daddy and I are crying off and on for a precious life that was too short.

I first met Miata on my husband’s 33rd birthday. My mother-in-law called me into her bedroom and asked me to get Miata out of her box spring.

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Written by Denise Long   
Monday, 27 April 2009

Having an Older Pet - Tales of Miata Kitty 2

Cleaning the vomit out of the carpeting.

Miata Kitty has always had a delicate tummy and will vomit on a dime. So when we saw American Gangster and they were cleaning the blood out of the white rug and the character said, "don't rub, you have to blot this sh*t up," hubby and I took one look at each other and cracked up.

"You have to blot," is our mantra, it's the only effective way to get cat or dog vomit out of the carpet.

Here's how we do it.

You need paper towels, a spatula like device and a spray bottle of water.

Written by Denise Long   
Monday, 27 April 2009

NJ Speed Traps and Speeding Ticket Scam

The state of NJ has the biggest speeding ticket scam going. Since all the individual municipalities have to make budget, it's the same story for all of them. If you are going 39 in a 25 mile per hour zone, expect the cops to give you a speeding ticket that says you were doing 41. This allows them to say you were going more than 15 miles over the speed limit and makes the ticket a 4 point ticket.

You can then bargain with the Prosecutor’s office in the various municipalities to increase the amount of the fine, but buy down the amount of points. In other words, you can pay them to reduce the charges to speeding at 39, which is only 2 points on your license.

So if you're caught in a speed trap and the police officer has the wrong speed listed, why not protest that you were not doing the speed that the cop is writing up on the ticket?

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Written by Denise Long   
Wednesday, 08 April 2009

Google Smart Pricing

Here is a post about Google smart pricing I recently made on Digital Point forums. It just goes to show that I shouldn't make posts at 3 in the morning.

In case you don't know what smart-pricing is, this is the best definition I've seen so far. It is from :

"Google's smart pricing feature automatically adjusts the cost of a keyword-targeted content click. So if our data shows that a click from a content page is less likely to turn into actionable business results - such as online sales, registrations, phone calls, or newsletter signups - we reduce the price you pay for that click."

I was up very at 3AM this morning. And my money site had 1 click. Usually, I expect these clicks to be anywhere from .43 cents to $2.25. The click was worth .10 cents click. Needless to say, I panicked.

I'd added Adsense to a brand new site in the network, so I pulled the ads immediately, which was a mistake.

Written by Denise Long   
Wednesday, 08 April 2009

Lower Intestinal Gas Pain

There is nothing worse than lower intestinal gas pain. When it feels like little men in hobnail boots are trying to kick their way out of your body.

I get gas from stress all the time, and usually a bit of Maalox, and boom, relief from gas pains and I'm ready to rock. Not this time. I could feel the gas in my back, stomach and lower intestines. This was not a good thing.

Looking back on what I'd eaten the night before, it was apparent that this gas was triggered by an absolute disaster in eating choices. I ate a fresh salad with dinner of Jamaican beef patties, had an oatmeal cookie binge at 3 in the morning, and once I got gas pains the next day, I thought that maybe grits would help settle my stomach. HA!

My Mom had bought me Mylanta during one of her visits, and unfortunately I'd run out. So I was hitting the Maalox which wasn't working. We had one of those mega-bottles of Tums, which had never been open, so I took a few of those too.

Eventually, sweating, naseous, and doubling over from pain, I went to bed. I slept through most of yesterday, hence no blog posting. Today, it seems like the gas is stirring up again, but this time trying to escape through normal means.

The Tums and I are becoming best friends. I had rice and chicken for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. I have to admit I used a little teriyaki sauce to liven it up. Mom swears that carrots cooked with your food will absorb gas...just don't eat the carrots when you eat the beans or whatever gas provoking food. I thought about eating carrots, but am afraid of what the fiber would do to my digestive system after yesterday's debaucle with the grits.

I'd almost forgotten Mom bought another gas reliever which is somewhere in the absolute disaster that is our bathroom closet. I have to hunt that down. If it works hopefully I can get rid of more of the lower intestinal gas, very little gas is left in my back. But the sweats and this time, mild naseau are back. Is this never going to end?

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Written by Denise Long   
Monday, 06 April 2009

Having an Older Pet - Tales of Miata Kitty 1

Miata kitty is 18 years old. While she's in great shape, she's always been an aloof cat and aging has only made her personality traits stronger.

My Mother-in-Law got Miata for my husband's birthday, after we had lost one cat to spinal disease and another to FIV. She was a surprise for Jim, who had adamantly stated that he didn't want another cat.

'cuse me for a minute, she's howling and I have to feed her.

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Written by Denise Long   
Sunday, 05 April 2009

Google and 3 Way Automatic Back Links

Google hates three way automatic back link schemes. Don't think that Google Annilation, Automatic Backlinks or Neurolinker will actually fool them.

Since these involve scripts on your computer with a link page, how hard is it for Google's algorythms to figure out?

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